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Musicians Action Group (MAG) is an ad-hoc group of musicians, horn players and percussionists, who have played at Bay Area demonstrations and rallies for progressive political causes for over twenty-five years. We are a mixture of amateur and professional musicians who have played at marches, rallies, and picket lines— against war, for civil rights, for women’s reproductive rights, in support of union causes, in support of KPFA radio when it was in danger and supporting left/progressive movements around the world.

Our repertoire consists of arrangements of songs and anthems from decades of American and international struggles for peace and social justice. We also play tunes just for fun and to boost the energy of the events we are playing. We have marched with as many as forty musicians in recent years.

Many members of MAG have some history with Bay Area alternative cultural institutions including the S.F. Mime Troupe, Bay Area Progressive Musicians Association (BAPMA), Pickle Family Circus, Red Star Singers, East Bay Sharks.

For many years we have operated with no formal organization. Since we have grown in numbers, the establishment of a web site is an attempt to communicate information to our members and those who wish to join us. We also will post our sheet music, lyrics and some audio files to make our music more accessible.

We consist of brass, woodwinds and drums. The horns play from a small book of about twenty selections, held by lyres or memorized.

If you are interested in playing with MAG contact us at: magband@sbcglobal.net.

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