MAG Remarks at Veterans Day 2011 – Lafayette Crosses

Musicians Action Group joins with you in mourning those in our community who have lost their lives in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Musicians Action Group opposes these wars and feels it is important not to forget Iraq now that US Troops seem to be leaving: large numbers of contractors continue to do soldier’s work there, far-flung US bases and wanton slaughter of innocents by remote control drones, continue to create enemies making our country less safe while draining trillions of dollars from the national treasury – money that is needed more than ever in our schools and communities. As we mourn the loss of life in these wars and call for our troops to be brought home safely as soon as possible, we insist that the lies that created these wars must be investigated and remembered. Those who created policies of deceit and torture should be held accountable. Peace! Justice! Not another life lost!



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